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The Most Dangerous Barber in the World  


He has been called “The Most Powerful Artist in the World” and “China’s Most Dangerous Man,” but he’s a horrible hairstylist. This bonus clip went out to Kickstarter backers when we hit our first  Sand Storm  milestone.

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TEDx Workshop: How We Shoot TED Talks  


TEDx refers to independently organized  TED  events around the world. There have been over two thousand so far. Here, I explain how we shoot Big TED to a room full of TEDx organizers. It’s a bit dated but still relevant.

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Imaginary Friend Screenplay SHOOTING SCRIPT (PDF)

mister handsome script


You can compare how our original short film script for  Mister Handsome  developed during the course of production.


BoingBoingTV: Making of Zombie Yoga  


Boing Boing asked me for as much making-of footage as I could spare so they could create a news piece about my  zombie yoga  happening. Clip courtesy of Boing Boing TV.

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Me and My Potato  


In a dark warehouse in downtown Los Angeles, we built vegetable-scale cities and taught a potato to walk like a man. This behind-the-scenes footage originally appeared exclusively on the  Oedipus  DVD.

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Oedipus Storyboards  


The complete  Oedipus  storyboards with a sneak preview of Oedipus Part II: Oedipus in Exile.

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Surviving Sundance on $31 TEAR SHEET (2MB PDF)

sundance on thirty-one dollars


When I took my first trip to Sundance in the  early 2000s  I wasn’t just a filmmaker… I was a starving filmmaker.


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