TEDxBerlin: Life After TED / A Secret Sci-Fi Film  


What do you do after leaving your job of years and years? You skip town. And make a movie.


The origin story behind a not-so-secret sci-fi film and a crowdfunding catastrophe.


My “talk” at TEDxBerlin – days after the  Sand Storm  premiere.

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Behind the TED Talk  


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like backstage at  TED  (not TEDx!) I commissioned this doc to tell the story of our main conference through the eyes of two speakers: the young artist Raghava KK, who had never been to TED before, and Sir Ken Robinson, who would be delivering his much anticipated sequel to one of the first (and most popular) talks we posted.

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TEDx(Workshop): How We Shoot TED Talks  


TEDx refers to independently organized  TED  events around the world. There were over one thousand in the first year. Here, I explain how we shoot Big TED to a room full of TEDx organizers. It’s a bit dated but still relevant.


Imaginary Friend Screenplay (PDF) Shooting Script

mister handsome script


You can compare how our original short film script for  Mister Handsome  developed during the course of production.


BoingBoingTV: Making of Zombie Yoga  


Boing Boing asked me for as much making-of footage as I could spare so they could create a news piece about my  zombie yoga  happening. Clip courtesy of Boing Boing TV.


Me and My Potato  


In a dark warehouse in downtown Los Angeles, we built vegetable-scale cities and taught a potato to walk like a man. This behind-the-scenes footage originally appeared exclusively on the  Oedipus  DVD.


Oedipus Storyboards  


The complete  Oedipus  storyboards with a sneak preview of Oedipus Part II: Oedipus in Exile.


Surviving Sundance on $31 (2MB PDF) Tear Sheet

sundance on thirty-one dollars


When I took my first trip to Sundance in the  early 2000s  I wasn’t just a filmmaker… I was a starving filmmaker.


You can read how it went down.