Tatooine or Bust 1997


On January 31, 1997, five camera crews swooped in on five movie theaters across the United States to follow fans camping overnight for the re-release of Star Wars, a movie they had already seen countless times before. One of the first documentaries shot on digital video. (Hard to believe that was new.)


BBC, Arte TV, NBC, CBS Marketwatch, FilmThreat, Wired, and Newsweek covered this documentary. It was written about in books and academic journals; screened at Lucasfilm headquarters; and shown at major art museums (as a sort-of treatise on fan culture).


Eventually acquired by UK’s Channel 4, who then requested a Phantom Menace follow-up:  Star Wars or Bust .

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Star Wars or Bust 1999


Commissioned by UK’s Channel 4 as the Episode I follow-up to 1997’s  Tatooine or Bust .


In New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, a new generation of fans waited an entire month in line to see Star Wars Episode I. We spent time with them. We were accepted into their cuture and allowed to approach them. We asked what they might do if the new movie happened to... you know, suck.


One of the original Star Wars Fan Film award winners and, for a while during 2001, one of the most viewed live action films on the Internet. But that was 2001.

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